The MIDPOINT Consulting Award went to three cocoPITCH projects, each receiving an in-depth script consultancy in two online sessions. The winners, announced by MIDPOINT‘s programme coordinator Soňa Morgenthalová, are the Croatian anti-family dramedy HONEY BUNNY (dir: Igor Jelinović, prod: Rea Rajčić/Eclectica), KIRIL‘S LUCK from Bulgaria (dir: Milena Andonova, prod: Katya Trichkova & Rali Ralchev/Contrast Films), about a lottery winner who suddenly becomes very popular in his community, albeit for the wrong reasons, and WATERDROP from Albania (dir: Robert Budina, prod: Sabina Kodra/Erafilm), about a mother who takes on the corrupt system she has helped to establish when her son faces a jail sentence.